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We all communicate all the time with friends colleagues family members and other groups. The objective of communication is always to convince or influence people with whom you are communicating. Of course, content is the king. It should be necessary for you to say what your listener want to listen is. The subject should be interesting to them. Otherwise, there is no reason why they should listen to you and spend time with you. But the best of content can be ruined by the inaccurate and faulty communication. If you want others to pay attention to you we have to be very convincing. How can we be convincing?
The biggest challenge for communication is the inability to express yourself. The need to impress and achieve necessary results is paramount. Evidently, if there is any confusion the focus cannot remain on what you want to do whether you communicate to one person to an individual or group or a large crowd, the problems remain the same. It is the same challenge which can be disturbing. If you want people to follow you, or your principles you need to be effective. It's not possible to expect somebody to do what you want to do without any advantage in return. Therefore you have to promise them some benefit. It can be a material reward or generate better relations with others or achieve mental peace.
While deciding your objective you should always take into account the needs of your audience. Oftentimes you are not very clear what you actually want. In communications this is suicidal. If you don't know what you desire, it will be very difficult for you to move towards your goal. Whatever you are passionate about should form the nucleus of your goals. The clarity in thought process and the ability to express thought clearly should precede the communication. The communication can be verbal, written, or even when you communicate through your body language, clarity of thought has to be there.
Today I'll talk to you about six secrets of language that help you to make your ideas clear and communication focused and effective.

Six secrets are listed below.
  1. Let your words talk: It's like writing NSA where readers feel that you are talking to them. Its the language of your speech. In order to ensure that your language in verbal or written communication is the language which your Listener understands. And it should also be the language which makes you comfortable for your expression. One should be writing or speaking not to impress others but to express oneself. One can best to express when the listener feels that you are talking to him or her. Communication is not like literary writing. You don't have to be a literary master and display your writing skills. All that you have to do is to use simple language which should you to make you and your Listener at ease.
  2. Short sentences of varying length:
    Its very difficult to understand long, complicated sentences. Why long sentences happen? We keep on thinking and framing clauses to express our thoughts without a break. Sentences tend to become very long. This adds to complications in our speech. Simplicity should always be respected. Simple language is the best language. It helps you to express yourself clearly to the Listener. Whether you write or speak your language undoubtedly is critical. The sentences should be interesting. That can happen only if you use sentences of varying lengths but never very long or complicated.
  3. Use proper punctuation:
    When we write, we use the punctuation marks as prescribed in the grammar. When we speak even then we have to use the punctuation. The length of the pause normally determines whether you have completed a clause or it is the end of a sentence. Evidently, when you have spoken a phrase or a clause you must have a small pause. However, when the sentence is complete the pause should be longer. Likewise, when you have completed one particular point you will take a still longer pause. Similarly, when you change the paragraph it has to be a new line or even additional space.
  4. Say what you're trying to say:
    This is crucial for communication and critical for your ability to convince. If you are not able to express yourself clearly and effectively, if you're not able to use suitable language, it's very unlikely that you will be in a position to convince your listener. Your struggle to find accurate words puts of the listener or the reader of your communication. When you struggle to make appropriate sentences, when you use incorrect grammar the result can be disastrous. All your efforts to convince or influence get totally wasted. You are not there to waste your time and the time of your listener. You will alienate even your friends with the use of poor language. This is nothing short of casual conduct and unworthy actions. Your language is the most potent armour in your challenge of convincing others. Very effective style of language makes it easy for you to say what you want to say. It's a good idea to practice using the most appropriate language all the time. You cannot afford to be casual at any time at all!
  5. Use the best possible words:
    Rome was not built in a day, so they say. Likewise, vocabulary cannot be built overnight. One should never feel that building up an effective vocabulary is an easy job. This may take a lifetime. Learning must continue throughout your life. Similarly, you must continue to enrich your vocabulary throughout. Whether you are working or not, whether you are in business or heading an organization, whether you are a leader or a follower, it's your duty to use words with discretion. Words only can express human beings. What words you use constitutes the difference between the civilized and the uneducated. Words can only lend credence to your expressions. Therefore do whatever it takes to develop a rich vocabulary. Knowledge of words is not enough. You must have the ability to use the words to bring out the best effect. Words help you to leverage your ideas. But it requires a lot of effort. In fact, you should enjoy this effort when you speak. We all speak most of the time. Your interaction can be more interesting and effective with your expertise with the words. This enables you to play the game of communication nicely.
  6. Focus to make your transition very natural:
    Thoughts precede conversation. Thoughts come faster in the mind than the speed at which we can speak. Often, digressions are there. Imaginary, hypothetical and creative comments emerge. There are surprises; there are issues, there are negations. So always expect the unexpected. It's your duty to remain on track if you want to succeed in your communication. Don't lose focus while winning and influencing others. The transitions can be dicey. Often these are. But we can make these transitions naturally flowing provided we remain devoted to our agenda. Whenever we attend an important negotiation, before coming to the negotiating table we must prepare and practice. Efforts should be made to ensure that all your points are properly understood by the opposite party. When it is needed to hold back, you should be able to do that. Meetings and conferences which sometimes becomes very confusing need your constant and rapt attention. However when you realize that the conversations are not following the path which you had for seeing the transitions may become a little difficult. But you have to overcome these difficulties. Any challenges have to be met with poise. Command over language makes it easy.

Thanks for reading!!


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