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6 Steps to Develop Common Sense

Common sense, defined as “sound judgment derived from experience rather than study,” is one of the most revered qualities in America. It evokes images of early and simpler times in which industrious men and women built our country into what it is today. People with common sense are seen as reasonable, down to earth, reliable, and practical. Successful people have one thing in common above all else. Sure they work their asses off in pursuit of their goals, but there is another, less spoken about tactic which you can start using right away. Its called common sense. And you can make drastic changes to your life by just following these 6 simple rules The lack of common sense boils down to two things. Selfishness and ego. People today place so much stock in being right all the time, in winning even when there is nothing to win or lose, that they have lost touched with the most basic of human functions. Common sense. Before long, the lack of common sense and the placement of burden on ever…