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Five Ways to Enhance Self Esteem

Today we will discuss Self Esteem. What is self esteem? How do we know whether we have self esteem or not? And to what extent? What are the indications of self esteem? Like any other personality attribute it is very difficult to measure self esteem. However, the indications can be enumerated as under: Respecting yourself and being self aware. Not despising yourself for small mistakes committed. Having the conviction to handle difficult tasks. Not being afraid of people or adverse circumstances. Having the ability to stand up against injustice. Expressing yourself freely in any forum. Now let us discuss how we can go about developing our self esteem a critical aspect of the personality.1. Being balanced:Don’t be a self critic: The first point in this segment is that you stop criticizing yourself. That does not mean you do not analyze your mistakes. In fact when you are too harsh with yourself, your assessment will be prejudiced and of little use.Don’t be a perfectionist: Next, don’t b…